Wednesday, November 6, 2013

hump day

Aaand the muse returned today with a reminder that I haven't been babbling much of late choosing instead to pick and choose with whom I spend my valuable time. Today found me in a different work environment entirely and I must say it hasn't changed a bit. My co-worker has a tablet while I was struggling to stay connected with my not-so-smart phone. Most of the patients there are really sick and scared and the staff is very sensitive to that fact most of the time. I used to be a regular and it was good to visit with the crew if just for the day. My favorite gymnast/nurse was cooking something yummy in the crock pot for her family. Before she had her daughter I'd ask her to do cartwheels all the way down the hall and she could do it without missing a beat. Now her own daughter is becoming a gymnast as well. I love it when that happens.

One of the things that complicates healthcare so much is the demand for privacy and what constitutes following the law. I shake my head at the number of trees who died so that you can haul home a privacy statement to pitch in the garbage. But by golly you were told! I learned the hard way about reading the fine print after my previously described financial nightmare due to DirecTV. Yeah. We had been customers for years and were out of contract so when I complained about overbilling they offered DVR and a ten dollar a month credit. Fine, I said. What they failed to tell me is that when I accepted their offer they automatically put me into a two year contract with say, $475 worth of early termination fees. Which they proceeded to run on my DEBIT card in between paydays when it hurts the most, and it took three months for my bank to get it back because really? I had no clue. They told me when the installer left me an invoice the info was there. We've been major network deficient for almost a year now and watch tons of movies which I really like better than channel surfing.

When I came in this afternoon (following a lovely visit to the gyno)it was foggy and gray. I parked behind the Cadi and as I trudged through the wet grass I heard music. BG was taking a nap but I knew it was coming from the car. Lo and behold with no key in the ignition the radio was playing classic rock. Must have been the ghost of Mr. John and Ms Cissy! We're laying low with it because of low funds for insurance and reg but it's nice just to not be stuck with no vehicle! I talked to my cousin Patti today and she asked about aunt Granny then wouldn't shut up long enough to hear what I was trying to say. She's on mama's side and what we call here in the south "a character".

Things are changing rapidly now in all parts of my life and I'm really thankful for the hardships that have helped prepare me for what's coming. I've learned that as I grow and learn, Big Ernie will present me with a challenge that can be mastered with something I already found out didn't work for that particular problem. It's all about the movement toward something rather than away from a God of love and peace. Ya'll know how Google tries to mess with you and change your password all the time like EVERYBODY has GMail. Well they did that to me today and I had to remember my password to get to the blog. Any guesses what it is?

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