Sunday, November 3, 2013

time for a rant

Well, not really a rant just some general pondering of what's going on inside this country and in regards to our status as a world financial and technological wizard. Our healthcare system sucks and many people don't have access to it other than a local ER. Many social work programs designed to lift people from poverty into a better life area threatened right now as the results of the famous Farm bill (thanks GOP) included cutting aid to lower income folks across the board. And that was part of the stimulus package that Dems put in place. Now, I may be simple but please explain to me how taking away commodities from the least of these who are there by no fault of their own makes things better? How does this threaten a millionaire Republican. You people make me sick, and that means Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck and all the other histrionic harpies that dominate conservative teevee. I am not anti-entitlement but a firm believer in "if you play you gotta pay."

So here's the deal in Virginia. This libertarian (republican/approves gay marriage) has the reigning parties looking over their shoulders and from what I've seen there a significant number of voters who want multiple parties. Hey///why not give it a try? Things couldn't get a lot worse if the pipeline gets built and the economy crashes and the infrastructure crumbles. Only this time it won't be on your HDBLUEray disc player. I feel oddly disconnected to the world when I'm home now, choosing to sit and think without having to be heard for validation. Of course that doesn't hurt! My body is giving out in places I didn't know were there. Even naproxen won't touch it.

If I had any doubt about how our government fails us, it was in their lack of intel prior to 9/11 or the failure to act thereupon. How do that many guys fly under the radar here for FIVE freakin' years learning to fly planes and nobody notices something's up. The wave of war mongering that followed that attack was initiated by none other then Dubya and Cheney and their cronies. War for sale, ya'll. Kids of my friends went there and some died. And for what? Nothing was accomplished. Now they're spying on us and getting caught which doesn't make "Mr. Snowden et al" so evil. As for Russia and Israel? I wouldn't want to mess with either of them...just saying. Other tragedies like Katrina and Sandy continue to haunt those who been rendered homeless by an angry Mother earth. Al Gore told 'ya so.

Happy trails on the week ahead ^j^

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