Friday, November 15, 2013


I've noticed that when I don't publish the link to my blog on FB that the traffic is about one third of what it is when it's plastered out there for the whole world to see...or not. I know the service is free but hey, you asked for it so you got it. The young ones are mostly over it much in the way that BGs generation moved past ICQ. Remember those days? I hear a train in the distance and that always reminds me of one particular person who shall remain nameless. Boogs is coming to stay the night so we'll be out like a light by 9 I bet. I am weary again and need to recharge. Since it's gonna rain, that's a good enough excuse to chill.

Seems like everybody's out of the woods health wise and the team is working together like never before. Much of that is having a man in the position to make the decisions that women have a hard time making. Trust me, I've been on both sides! My 37 years in the lab have taught me a lot about the human body and how the disease processes work that can kill a person in a heartbeat. I've seen everything from an autopsy to bedside gospel singin' to send somebody home. I've seen newborn babies get born and old people die. Even some not so old ones. There are always kids that make a mark on your soul. I suppose my employment in the field has been a long lesson in what really is and it's all about the journey, not the morgue table or the cemetery. Clinical diagnostics is a great tool for providers. It's also a very lucrative one and mucho corporate providers have made a kazillion off of my knowledge and loyalty.

I chatted with a friend today about how mean people suck and whatnot and she told me to just remember who I am and not be that sniveling crying little girl. I think it scares her, and really everybody. I reckon I got the hysterical gene from my mama who, Lord knows, has had a time with being an overachiever all her life. My career as her clone got cut short by intense therapy and big life changes the likes of which I probably wouldn't have gone for had I known how hard it would be. See..there's a blessing in that even. I'm off for two days and don't have to do much which is, as Martha would say "a good thing!" Still can't cook due to no propane and the world is kinda' closing in on us again so we have to keep the faith and depend on each other. BGs face is less red and not so scary but wow..that looked painful and really itchy. Poor thang.

Ya'll remember JFK and how all that went down and try to believe that it won't happen again, umkay?


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  1. I think because Google Reader shut down, I don't get the notifications I used to, so I do depend on FB to tell me when you post on your blog. <3