Thursday, November 14, 2013

antihistamine high

I have to pick and choose which times to believe that BG is like REALLY sick and not just being a diva. When I saw the red welpy race in person today I had a flashback to her childhood at this time of year. The high priced pediatric derm guy said that it wasn't really a reaction to anything like an allergy, but a very tender state of skin that is easily irritated, especially when living in the freakin' middle of a farm. Can you say steroids, again?? Thanks Tracy :)

I talked with my friendboss today because I was missing her and MS at the lunch table. When you eat alone it doesn't take nearly as long! We're all in a state of limbo right now wondering if there will be anybody left for the new year. The little general is retiring soon so she can care for worry the shit out of Big John every single day. I only live about 8 miles north so it's an easy visit to their house. I will miss her face and her faith and her wisdom. A Quaker by birth, she joined the UMC after moving to D'burg from Mt. Vernon IL. I imagine a fruitcake will be delivered for this festive upcoming holiday season. We played a game with it for years, one that was invented by my aunt and uncle one year when they slipped one of those dollar Claxton bricks into my present. Because you know what they say: "It's always the same one comes back around."

My mama's 80th birthday is next week so we'll need to plan a celebration of some sort but not a "party" per se. We always come up with something simple like going to Java Cafe or anywhere besides the eggs+doughnuts place. There's a really cool eatery downtown now that's a deli/gift shop and it's divine. Think a new generation funky type of GAFCO. Their wreaths are already out on the brick buildings but to be fair, they have to get ready for the parade. That's permitted before Thanksgiving because Santa Claus comes to town the Monday night after. I don't know who he is now, but over the years he's been mostly Mr. Lipford, god rest his soul. President of the bank no less! The FUMC youth always throw a spaghetti supper prior to the parade to raise funds for something or other. I have washed many an industrial sized kitchen appliance in my day.

Sadness followed me home yesterday and I can't really pinpoint the reason. Maybe just tired again after four days of what-the-hell-can-happen-next. That's why blog fairy's recent gift was so sweet. Nothing that you sit and watch over will ever turn out right so forget it. Play it by ear, go through the motions and try not to climb the water tower. My friend told me about her buddy who married off a daughter in a very conservative southern town and proceeded to dance with the yard man and all the cooks from the club. That, my friends, is keeping the faith.

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