Saturday, November 2, 2013

virgin voyage

I drove the Caddy yesterday for the first time to pick up the grands for a spin down the road. Mama couldn't get over how much room it has and how nice the seats are. Blind as a bat, she kept looking for the buttons to roll the window down and pull the handle. It's gonna be a whole new world for them, being ridden around in style as they should be. Every time I've brought the trusty old Camry with loud engine and plastic windows to the church parking lot, I think about how mortified she would be if she was what her carriage looked like! Ditto for Daddy's appearance. There's a blessing in every situation if you just accept it.

The corn is done and beans are next with some already harvested. Trees are golden and dropping their leaves fast. My house is still a mess but much less of one thanks to diligence on both our parts. There's been another shift in spirit the past couple of weeks and I feel confident that we're past the worst of things for now. More will come, but it's the first time in YEARS that I've even been able to imagine an end to neverending drama and hardship. Much of that is my new way of thinking which is fakin' it 'til I make it and counting blessings. There's nothing like gratitude to make a girl humble. The picking is done here so it's time to move toward plan B on that deal. I just wish the ones who came by and bought could all see the house when it's not covered up like a pawn shop or long term yard sale. Hey...ya'll know where to find me!

I got out last weekend with a good friend to a totally different type of gathering from what I've been used to which is none except for the class reunion. I sat on the tailgate of a truck and drank beer just like the smartass redneck gal that I can be. Gretchen Wilson's song says it all.

Ya'll enjoy your weekend while we save lives up in the sawmill. Peace ^j^

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  1. You sell your house? Still wanting pecans. I'll pay shipping and fair market price. Eye doc says I should be eating them to avoid macular. Happy to oblige.