Sunday, November 17, 2013

heads up

There's a big fat honking weather system moving across the Midwest that includes West Tennessee in a tornado watch. My brother the VA weatherman posted that there's a very high risk of dangerous storms from this thing so we're keeping an eye out. The bottom of Pecan Lane receives all the runoff from the hill and when it rains really hard like it did before daylight, the road gets covered and we drive through it. Same thing happens when the Forked Deer floods and creeps across the main road out. Every lug on the trusty old Camry is rusty from all those trips through standing water!

Eggs and doughnuts today, without mom because she doesn't get out in the rain with her walker..too much trouble. Daddy and I got there at the usual time and BG called right before I left as I was listening to Red say "OMG...there comes two biscuits and gravy guy." When the door opened there stood none other than my last ex-roomie and his current woman. He greeted me with the usual "How are you young lady?" which is what he says to every damn woman he runs across. I'm glad he's gone but it was surely a lot of misery getting there. More power to her if she can put up with that ornery ass attitude of his.

We took a drive way out into the country to pick up the title for the Cadi from Count Zubrovka. He's got as many dogs as us, plus maybe a few more! He got the car from his parents estate many years ago and gracefully thought of us and our one vehicle predicament. BG is unemployed again (long story) so tomorrow is another day of looking for a decent job in a small town with a dead economy. There is a new industry coming soon, but ground was just broken and it's still just a vision. Industries come and go here and some of the largest have just pulled up and moved on after working the locals to death. We had several publishing companies that were particularly bad about that. Whenever corporate is in Canada or Ohio or something, you've gotta worry. Thanks to Congress, that's not even beginning to change. PLUS the ones who are laid off and losing bennies and spendable $$ that could pump up the economy if people would just quit being greedy. CEO pay in this country is obscene and the richer the company the higher the pay. See AIG.WaMu, Citi and JP Morgan Chase. Jesus does not approve guys...when you can live that kind of lifestyle while veterans of your dirty wars get their food stamps cut because there are NO JOBS when they come home, something's wrong with the moral fiber of our country. Unfortunately, that all plays out just like some horrible apocolyptic film in our daily lives. In that type of atmosphere, keeping the faith is essential.

I do see a huge movement of people moving toward greener lifestyles, particularly in the area of organic gardening to avoid additives and chemicals during the growth cycle. If you actually think about what you're putting in your mouth, you might want to grow your own. I plan to...and yes I've said that before. Not this time! There will be at least some tomato plants in 2014. Yesterday was a total slugfest for me and I never left the house, even to check the mailbox down by the road. It's really funny how the last few times BF has flown, I've been sitting here typing when he dropped the box on the swing. The mailman now leaves biscuits for all the furbabies and it they're not outside, he puts 'em in the box.

My friend with the big girl panties has convinced me to be smart and careful and watch my back. I'm such a freakin' Pollyanna that it really puts a hurt on my soul when I see somebody's dark side and it's directed at ME. It happens in all walks of life when we put our trust in people who aren't worthy of it. I honestly believe that the state of our country is due to just that. While 99% of us struggle to make some sense of what the hell Obamacare has to do with Benghazi and why we're suffering for it the chosen few yet around living lavish lifestyles that don't include EBT food from the dollar store. I just found out that my state has a NORML chapter which tickles the crap out of me. And an actual legislator who said that while he hasn't used it in 40 years ( wink wink ) he sees hemp production as a cash cow for our state considering our growing zone.

It's Sunday, Big Ernie's day and I'm gonna take rest like he said ^j^

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