Wednesday, November 27, 2013

group hug

This day started like any other one for me including the quick in and out from cold spots to warm. I was downing a sausage biscuit from the chicken store when I found evidence that all was not well in my world...nay FAR from it. Last night my brother called me from work asking that I check in with the grands because he was busy and they were fighting. Again. I spoke sternly with both of them and headed back to sleep. They have had multiple opportunities to change the living arrangement which she finds so terrible that she has regular sobfests over her lot in life. Neither will budge. Both are competent (kinda sorta'). Not in my realm of power until they're not, but we're getting close. I can't believe the number of times over the past five or six years that we've rigged up plans where he can watch TV in the middle of lightning storms or blizzards. Generator. I'm talking a real survivalist. His hearing is about to go which should be easily fixed by an FNP holding a wax removal bulb.

Mom has periods of really dramatic queenhood where if Big Ernie himself told her to make a list she'd say "But I have no pen. I understand her frustration at being elderly and blind and not able to take care of ADLs like she used to but Me and daddy call them her "spells." How very southern! I'm not fond of crying because it makes my eyes hurt after an extended boohoo. Pity party. I'm going out and eat a worm! I've had plenty in my life and I recognize how hard that hysteria was on a marriage, even the whole family. If you think about it, getting all worked up about something is the least faithful thing you can do. I mean, if you believe in God and that heshe has a grand plan the rest is just details. That's when you let it go and move on.

I never expected to be where I was today, surrounded by people and hugging them with all my might. My daughter was among them and I see her in a whole different light now. The dogs like the fact that it's warmer and I'm ready to use that oven! Oops. That's the thing about having no is limited!

This too shall pass ^j^

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