Tuesday, November 12, 2013

didn't take you to raise

Lord God almighty and praise sweet baby jeebus the annual soybean harvest is almost over because it looks like the desert around here what with all the dust flying and the leaves swirling. About a thousand acres of beans and corn have been harvested over the past month. Daddy said he always remembered finishing up beans on Thanksgiving day. It's colder now, and the air will soon be clearer as soon as the rains and snows cleanse the earth. I must say that most of what I've seen around this place is very well planned so that no amount of land is wasted, and to my brother I have to give credit for that miracle. When we moved here Daddy was living out his golden years wandering around fixing ancient barbed wire fencing to keep cows in. Bubba chased calves for a couple of years and said, I think not. And there went the mooing on long winter nights. Things, they change.

Hopefully they morph into something a bit kinder to the earth because really? I've never been a survivalist but I'm thinking batteries and bottled water. Hopefully Big Ernie will coming swooping in to us like John Denver in "Oh God!" Or, umm, like Kevin Costner and that adorable cast in the corn field. Sometimes we have to look at where we've been as practice for what's ahead. And of course if you don't give up the race? I was speaking of weather phenoms the other day and forgot to mention the back to back Mississippi/Forked Deer floods in south Dyersburg. Coincidence..nope. That was a clear message that there needs to be another way to get off of this high place that didn't get submerged. For that, I'm thankful because I'm scared to death of water snakes. I mean total panic!

We have extra people around who all belong to Boogs so there's never a dull or quiet moment unless you claim one for yourself. At that, I am a champ. We had to boost the Cadi (yes already, my bad) this afternoon in the cold dusty wind so that BG and Daddy can get it street legal. She's a beautiful piece of art on wheels and I will always remember the love that came with that gesture and others from a family that is a solid part of my legacy in the 'burg. BigE works in mysterious ways when you have faith.


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