Monday, July 1, 2013

furbabies and a living wage

It's kind of fun meeting and re-connecting with people while I pick and post through what I've accumulated over 25 years in a very old house. It still has the original paint job in the office and my bedroom which I would like to remedy but refuse to pay for since I don't own it. Looks like the owner would be all over an offer for free labor! The ceiling consists of 56 squares divided by strips of wood and is actually quite cool even though the paint is old. I wouldn't change a thing about it except the color so as to brighten things up. My bedroom has 12 blocks on the ceiling bordered with wood strips also. I can truly say that when KY cuz and I sprayed them all those years ago I knew what Michelangelo kinda sorta felt like. Kelley bought some windows from me and introduced me to true critter love via pet adoption and fostering. Fostering is all I've really ever done and I've loved every minute of it. They seem to like it too.

It's a very pleasant 75 or so degrees with a nice breeze for porch sitting. What a blessing to have this during the first week of July instead of sweat and humidity. The dogs don't even beat the door down to come inside and just loll around on the ground instead of my bed. As Martha would say "it's a GOOD thing!". I might even manage to clean up the junk pile in my driveway while I'm off. No promises, though.

We had more rain yesterday which is really good news for the farmers around here. Daddy got to see the irrigation system in action yesterday...what a landmark in his career! Farming practices today make the odds of success a whole lot better than depending on mother earth to care whether the corn gets rain or not. We are normally no till but the wheat was extremely tough around the edges so I've seen a few fires and the occasional till. There are GMOs there which I'm not crazy about because it means my little paradise is a cocoon of insecticides probably giving me some weird cancer or something. Hey..I read John Grisham, ya know.

I didn't have much time for news today so when I read about the entire unit of firefighters dying in AZ my heart sank much in the way it did when reading about the shooting of Gabby Giffords or 9/11. We think there will always be a tomorrow on an earth that we have totally trashed during the industrial to techno-wizard age. Keystone Pipeline will guarantee that. I am really outdone with Rick Perry (so,um,what's new?)and his arrogant attitude toward those other than conservative white men who go to churches that can't draw the line on separation with state. That includes my own. I remember when the thing came up at General conference about gay pastors and somebody jumped off the damn balcony to try and make a point. I have seen a very nice person shunned by our congregation precisely because he was gay. By the way, Jesus didn't like that.

Who am I to judge others? The bible says a whole lot about that and Jesus preached about not casting the first stone. I guarantee you that when he wept it wasn't over that hoorah in Austin last week. Keep on buddy and they're gonna ship you to see Guerillmo Gomez. The Dems have just found a new poster child and I'd be worried it I were ya'll. The more you threaten, the more people will turn on you. The female vote has never really been a force to be reckoned with but that's turning around slowly. I think poor Hillary is way too tired after the grilling she's had since Benghazi.

Well, the next rainstorm is moving over so the light is quite excellent and I have beer plus a few days off. Life is good, when you keep the faith.


  1. We've had intermittent gullywashers all day in the holler. At least it ain't snow.

  2. Considering we are going through a purge, some painting and other is good. Well, maybe just better than the alternative. The weather here is hot, humid and intermittently rainy. We never know what to wear.