Saturday, July 20, 2013

too hot to handle and music to blog by

There's one invention since the interwebs (TY Al!) that keeps me coming back over and over to the online experience and that's options for music. I like to skip around and listen to different things for different moods and Spotify is very cool for that, even the free version. There's just something very satisfying about being able to find a song in a few seconds and listen to it again. Not sure who invented THAT, but you have my thanks. Hard working single gals who can't even afford cable sure can't pay for chair dancing.

It's July so I will refrain from bitching about the everlovin' heat just because I've done it so many times before. About ten years worth of blogging has created a running comment on what the weather is about on Pecan Lane. That the next generation of owners gets educated about what will be theirs someday is something that I admire of their fathers. I betcha they go non GMO...ya think? They just strike me as the conservationist kind. That gives me hope that the story which began so many years ago on this farm will continue to be heard. The history is being stored a little bit at a time will help to lead them forward. I feel sure when I look down from heaven at that beautiful farm, it will be blessed like it has blessed me.

So yeah, I'm in a mood and listening to Norah Jones letting the ugly cry work its' way on out of my system so I can rebirth and all that jazz. The political scene is pretty quiet right now with all the PC folks trying to play nice over the POTUS having feelings for Trayvon's family. He's right you could have been him! This is not about race in my opinion. I agree that Zimmerman went overboard but this guy was evidently supported by the renters in that gated community or he wouldn't have had a gun. NOBODY knows but them and Big Ernie and all the lawsuit slinging in the world won't bring him back or "justice." True justice would be to fund opportunities for growth with teenagers of all races. I'm telling ya'll, they don't have a freakin' CLUE how bad things are. But then again, I'm beginning to not care and just smile for the exercise.


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