Friday, July 5, 2013

on the fifth day of july my true love gave to me...

Another day at the sawmill but facing a weekend off. Scientists would call that "not a bad deal." When I went out this morning I noticed that the wheat fields down the hill had been burned off. There were embers here and there rising up as if to try to keep the flames going.Come dark they will burn the ones immediately adjacent to my house on all four sides. I have no renter's insurance so let's have a great big positive thought for good karma on the outcome. We're right next to the city golf course so I KNOW they won't let that burn! Airport traffic requires that the burnoffs be done at dusk. We have a very hard time keeping a viable place for air services. Mostly private planes and the occasional corporate jet in and out. Lots of helicopter traffic, usually at night. Every time I hear the huge choppers going over I wonder who's being brought home from the war and say thanks to Big Ernie.

Here's an unusual take on international politics but hear me out. I read a piece today by a guy who very intelligently outlined why Islamist extremists cannot govern a democracy. The biggest thing is that they are all ready to die for Allah so there's no continuity in leadership as one martyr after another takes innocents out with him just to get where all the virgins await. That in itself is incredibly offensive to me as a woman. The rudest men that I have ever met were of middle eastern lineage and as I've mentioned before they will drop a door on your face in a heartbeat. I also know some really cool Christians from that area. My late friend Sonja was from Egypt and her funeral was an electic mix of smoke and ritual with a Methodist background. The corner playground was constructed in her memory and the crape myrtles are huge, it's been that long.

One of KY cuz's boys is about to have the first baby girl on that side who will be absolutely totally spoiled rotten in a family full of typical boy stuff. I so wish that she could be here to see it. Gigi headed for an adventure following her sis's service and I'm glad she got away. It's the first vacay she and her son have had together and he even helped pay! Go Jimmy Go!!!

Being the procrastinating fool that I am furiture remains in the attic and basement and it must be slung matched with the appropriate buyer in all my spare time. The yard is about ankle high and mr. snake got dropped on the porch by Sophie the other day. Ewww and Ewww. My adopted daughter and her hub swung by last night to visit and take BG to watch fireworks. Joe just graduated from nursing school and is headed for CRNA. You go boy!

Ya'll follow the smoke and come see us ^j^

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