Saturday, July 6, 2013

after burn

Lord have mercy ya'll I thought it was Armageddon or some such last night when the wheat got set afire! Wheat straw burns quickly crossing the field in a pattern that is constantly watched over by the farmers to keep it from spreading outside the perimeter. The ground is tilled on the periphery after harvest to create fire breaks. This morning the smell of smoke still lingers not only in the air but in my car which had a window cracked open. My bad! Farmer Joey said he hated to have to do it because he quit that practice eons ago opting for the no-till method. No choice this year for him or any of the others. Today they're turning the black ground over to plant soybeans.

There is a perpetual flea market going on at the end of the road leading to the highway and it was packed with folks selling everything from backpacks to Halloween decorations. I will join them at some point with whatever I can't sell through listings on the page that I frequent. It's a perpetual day to day existence around here. I did receive a love offering in the mail today and just about keeled over with joy and gratitude. And it wasn't even BF! Haven't heard from her lately so I'm assuming she's doing magic elsewhere.

Right past the flea market I saw a very dead mr snake on the side of the road and without pause moved over to avoid him. There is a pond there so I'm sure he crawled out from the swampy water to buy something only to get run over by a tractor or the heathern kid that drives 80 mph down the road. Mom and daddy have two functions to attend today and I took some cards to her finding her totally in tears over what? I don't know. Daddy said he didn't do it, she just woke up mad. Hmm. Exit, stage left. BG is the chauffeur today while I dig through the piles.

Not to let the GOP feel like they're being ignored I must bitch about Boehner blaming the jobs report on Obama. I mean really're supposed to be a team player, not focusing on 2016. We will all occupy you if you don't get off ya'lls asses and compromise.


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