Monday, July 8, 2013

the trouble with deep thought

Anybody who knows me realizes that I will analyze something to pieces rather than just accepting what is as is. Therefore, I am constantly reading well written pieces about politics and the economy particularly my personal hero Paul Krugman. He is a realist and can tell you how, why and when we got in the shape we're in and normally offers suggestions that, if taken, would jump start things and get the jobs (somewhat) back where they should be. His piece today took a turn toward the pessimistic yet quite realistic side with his statement about the last time our economy looked this way, WWII followed. Had the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan been based on the principles that America supported during WWII there would have been a quicker resolution to the whole deal and we wouldn't have broken the bank buying heavy military equipment to be LEFT BEHIND. What is that like a consolation for leaving after ten years??? I don't know the official number right now because it grows daily, but the loss in human life alone is atrocious not to mention the $$ spent and the struggle for American workers to survive in this JOBLESS (aka outsourced) economy. I just heard of another local industry shutting their doors and moving to Mexico. I hope they don't get caught up in one of those gunfights they have down there where everybody gets their heads whacked off afterward. Geez,man. Meanwhile the ones who don't get hired there get caught crossing the border because we all know it's secure and everybody wants to live in the land of plenty, the good old USA.

Only it's not that way anymore. It was once, a country where there was tolerance or at least some sort of equity for those who worked hard and believed in the American dream. That dream went by the wayside when everybody got some money in their hands during 60s and 70s and lost a chunk of it in the 80s. We were making, as a couple, close to 100K/yr but were ass deep in debt with two vehicles and a house payment. When BG hit the scene, it was a blessing but a big expense. We did not save, but spent money like it was going out of style steadily buying into easy credit. The entire house of cards ended up in BK court following a divorce and reconciliation and then there was another divorce. If I had one piece of advice for anybody in this world, it's don't marry your ex. Not that he/she may not be a totally wonderful person. If it didn't work the first time, it won't work again.

*sarcasm break*

It was a Monday all day long and not bad by Monday standards but I was grumpy to begin with and so the little black cloud followed me around all day.The plastic on the window has blown off again despite multiple layers of duct tape. That is because I insist on opening the one on my side of the car for some air. I know, I'm pitiful, but you love me anyway. BG is blue also not because it's Monday but just because life is hard and then you die. I didn't realize that until I was about 40 so she's way ahead of me on the learning curve.
No calls to put out fires at Casa Grands but it's early yet. Almost time for the 4PM bad news from Memphis!

Over and out from the lane ^j^

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