Wednesday, July 31, 2013

blessed are the leakers

Of course they went right down the middle and didn't convict on the aiding the enemy deal but convicted him of doing things that will put him away before he's even started his life good. At 25 after serving his country and having the conscience to share things that weren't supposed to be seen, he will spend a lifetime behind bars knowing only what happened in his childhood and later on in the service of our country. Was he guilty of treason? Of course not. Does he have a very strong sense of right and wrong? Yes indeed. That, I believe, is what led him to share with Wiki so that the American people could know what was really going on. Coming from the south I can tell you straight up that there is very little compassion for those who are different from us by ethnic standards. And there's nothing worse than a redneck bubba out kicking ass with real weapons and doing so in the name of the USA, by god. Manning appears to me to be meek and mild...the kind who makes a wonderful computer nerd but wouldn't hurt a flea. Nobody got hurt because of what he did. Lots of people got hurt because of the things he leaked about. That's all I've got to say because it is what it is. This man attempted to give us some transparency into what our government is doing and so did Snowden. They're not trying to be movie stars or anything, just putting stuff out there that everybody should know anyway.

Things that I used to suspect were overkill by hyper conservationists are now reality and I'm sad that it took me so long to get on the train. I see things in a global way now, and that can be quite frightening. There is comfort in hiding like with candy crush or some other addiction activity that is mindless and consuming. That's what blogging does for me, in a sense. If I was told I had to turn out a book in X number of days or months, it would never happen. All I can manage is a day at a time in my life.

There is a proposal on the table in the big fish eating little fish industry known as healthcare and it could result in a major reallocation of resources and talent in preparation for the Affordable Care Act, that is if the GOP ever stops trying to kill it. Something must be done to get ready for the big crowd of baby boomers that is rapidly aging, meaning ME. I'll be damned if I've worked all my life paying taxes to a government that doesn't help me when I'm old. Big Ernie doesn't like that stuff, ya'll.

It's been raining off and on all day interspersed with periods of bright sunshine breaking through so I've had an eye out all day for a rainbow. At this point, I need the affirmation. Called the law on the crazy neighbors last night as they were standing in the lane screaming bloody murder at each other right past my mailbox. I would never have known it except Oscar started barking like there was a robber so I stepped outside to see what was up and it was The usual. Bless their little hearts, and those kids too.

I know ya'll need some of these rare pieces of history to come on out to my house of bargains and original crap this Saturday to help pay the loan shark.

Love ya..peace out ^j^

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