Tuesday, July 16, 2013

that was then, and this is now

Of course the controversy is still swirling about the Zimmerman trial with a JOD investigation in the works over, what exactly I don't understand unless it's that we need to cut Florida off at the knees and let the conservatives drift down to Cuba where they REALLY hate 'em. And take your mandatory drug screening for "entitlement recipients" elected official which put money straight into his deep pocket with ya'lls sorry asses. Maybe you'll get lucky and run across some NOK missles out there. Shut the hell up and shut up and SHUT UP! Sweet babyjeebus, you people who can't get along just wear me out. Don't you remember when your white haired great granny was old and frail and told you to have fun along the way because life is short? Yeah..turns out she was right. I have no time for stupid drivel and force feeds by the MSM. Call me brainwashed but I read a lot of different opinions and incorporate many of them into my own. Usually they involve peace, equality and being kind to mother earth and little kids and the elderly. And,of course, furbabies.

Mama seemed kind of at loose ends last night when we talked and my brother said the same thing. He called me and we both decided that she wants us to "fix it" and we can't. I'm a big dreamer and all but I'm also a realist. The past five years of our lives have been consumed with making plans for their last years. Options have been explored and discarded as they dug in and not only refused to leave for a safer environment but refused additional household help much to our dismay. Mom has to have a spell every few weeks just to relieve the pressure of the monotony of her days. Once again, her choice. As long as she has books on tape she's happy as a pig in mud.

My daddy will be 82 tomorrow and in earlier years we always celebrated it with Mama Staff's fried chicken, homemade biscuits and corn on the cob from his garden. Oh, and fried okra and squash. We called it the "redface" supper because it's hotter than hades on July 17th in Tennessee and in that little house with all that food frying it was kinda' like kitchen aerobics. And there was ALWAYS a ketchup bottle on the table in the picture no matter the occasion. Speaking of which BG is following in her grandmother's footsteps beginning employment with our local newspaper tomorrow. And she has to get up before me!!!

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