Tuesday, July 30, 2013

once more, with feeling

Last time I threw a sale I kind of half assed it with a lot of boxes sitting around and the big stuff often hidden from those who won't pick. This time around the path is clear and easier to keep clean and more stuff is "displayed" if you will. We southern girls even like to do nice yard sales, ya know. After my brief and painful post yesterday my alter ego over in NC aka Towanda II suggested that we needed booze and blues. And I totally got it! Many women have been spared the trials and tribulations of single gals and I just wasn't one of them. Had I arrived on the scene 20 years earlier I could have stopped the squandering of my grandfather's fortune. He died at 45 from heart disease following a long and successful career in real estate. It was through him that my daddy snagged the gig as farm manager out here when I was a year old. Been here ever since except for a brief foray into town and a few years in college.

Not that it's a bad thing, by any means. Living here is a daily lesson in the glory of mother nature and how quickly she can get pissed when your living depends on her. Thus, the irrigation system. At first I thought it was really like, not cool but the more I watched the more I understood the value of that added h2o to a year's crop. The poison spraying concept I still don't get but I'm not the boss, just a tenant. I have suggested organic practice to him and was greeted with a cool response so whatever. If he wants to re-create the lives of the people who have lived here, so be it. He's got the jack, is all. In the end? That's all I ever wanted!

BG has been bed bound with shingles and the paper has rolled out without her inserting talents present. She's got a pretty cool boss to understand that early on, but he did..plus he thought they were catching. In fact, they are to people who have never had chicken pox. That's why it blows my mind how we have eradicated so many childhood diseases only to have them come back with a vengeance because of mutation and whatnot. Trust a lab tech on this one...you do NOT want to get in the way of a virus replicating. It's like PacMan on crack.

More rain as it seems to be most everywhere. One of the soggiest ever for many areas. It's like summer never really CAME except for two hot weeks. Which, actually I will take and run with because of the I hate to sweat thing. Ya'll come on back around this weekend and see what you missed last time. Oh. And call your mother.


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  1. We do what we can, with what we have. Our prayers sometimes receive a 'no' (which, I think, is the same as no answer at all) - but sometimes it's 'wait'. And wait. And wait.
    "Long is the way, and hard, that out of hell, leads up to light."
    Milton knew his stuff.