Thursday, July 4, 2013

let freedom ring

Some sort of mystic sleuth of a worm has made everything bigger on the writing side of my online time which is not a bad thing but takes some getting used to. That's where the yellow keyboard is helpful also. Today has been full from the get go. Early on me and the neighbor picked some corn walking through the wet grass like champs. I did warn him that if mr snake showed up I was smooth outta' there. All went well with that and the shucking. I learned the hard way one summer not to sit in the grass to do that. I was infested with chiggers for a looooong time. Jordan came over while his mommy works so we sat on the porch and rocked forever. Then my friends from Florida came by for some chill time. BG picked up the meat while I watched the baby and we all gathered at the grands for lunch with mom having her heart SET on corn on the cob. Which I brought but it wasn't cooked. Yep...that kind of day!

Stargazer lilies are my favorite flower not only because they're beautiful but the smell is magnificent. My old buddy BLewis used to say they smell like a french whore house. I have two plants but only one is in bloom but she's a beauty. I always wanted to host a stargazer lily festival. It just sounds nice and southern, ya know? Anyway with my luck it would get rained out. Little black cloud, remember??? I made a desperate call to a very old friend the other day and he graciously reminded me that we are brother and sister. His wifey is about the only one I've ever met who could live with his ornery ass! He has a grandbaby named Oz (not after the doc, i'm assuming) about whom he is crazy nuts. Along with his faithful dog. I'm beginning to sound like a country song. Switch gears!

I've been out of the loop on news because it's mostly bad and not anything I can fix so I just post demolibtard stuff on FB and amuse myself. I do think that NC and KY are kinda getting out of hand and better be ready to progress or else. I say we ought to sic the mean church on them and see who comes out alive. My neighbors are not celebrating the 4th in the usual way this year because one of aunt Molly's grandsons died in the war at age 25. Remember that one that's still going on in Afghanistan? Yeah..that one. Bring these people home please. It's not worth the cost in human life.

Otherwise, there's a nice breeze to blow all that wheat straw around and keep me inside. And I will be early to bed because tomorrow is another early day. My thanks go out to all the members of our military service for their sacrifice so that we can keep freedom all up in the country. Unless the GOP filibusters it out, that is.

See ya'll on the flip side ^j^

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