Friday, July 12, 2013

let it rip

That's one of my favs by the Dixie Chicks, one that I could have done kickass karaoke to back in the day when I knew all the words by heart. Now I do good to remember my name on any given day! Today is TGIF on the lane because it's been a very LONG week. A friend and co-worker died earlier in the week and was laid to rest today by a group of grieving friends and family who still can't believe he's not behind every corner waiting to scare the bejesus out of us. His wife and daughter are co-workers as well so it was pretty dang bittersweet. Happy Trails Rick! Hope you found Billy Baucom up there in heaven and ya'll are having a grand time watching over us mortals.

I have a picker appointment later on with a guy who is on a mission with a flashlight to search the attic and basement, either of which is likely to have mr. snake hanging around, or at least his skin draped over one of the tiny windows. The attic is really cool with one sheetrocked room and a "secret" closet. The rafters are all visible and the itchy fiberglass insulation is hanging down kinda' like mr. snake's skin. But the view is fantabulous, particularly in fall and winter.

We could finally afford a movie rental so we watched um..I forget but it was hilarious and that's all that matters because lord knows laughter is the best medicine. Like some people everybody I'm interested in seeing what happens in the Zimmerman trial because the Martin family "wants justice". I wouldn't want to be on that jury, just saying. The MSM will play both victim and accused like a fiddle to get maximum usage out of the event, then toss them aside like yesterday's bathwater. Ask any lawyer, and if he or she is an honest one, they'll tell you the same.

Gotta go start digging through the past again. It's fun to do, but pretty emotional. My goal here is not to move or anything, but to condense mounds of unused stuff to what I really want as a part of my life. A new beginning, if you will.


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