Wednesday, July 24, 2013

old what's his name

Well, I was all set to stop bitching about war and politics and I'll be damned if I didn't see today that we're shipping a kazillion dollars worth of arms to Syrian rebels. Hmm. Now correct me if I'm wrong. Russia is feeding them to the government army and now we're gonna jump in there with aid for the rebels because what's his name is a tyrant. NOT OUR BUSINESS. There are people starving and shooting each other in our own country and we're sticking our necks out for another lost cause???? Don't get me started, ya'll.

I have slept like the dead for two nights and feel almost human again, enough so at least to start slinging bargains again. At this point it's pretty much anything goes except the dogs and they could be had, if you know what I mean. In true pack rat fashion my mother and I have managed to bits of history from way back when. Her friend Charlie is researching her family tree for us which should be interesting. I'm a whole lot more Agee than anything else! We range from car sales to attorney to medical technologist and a few other things, but every one of us is a smartass who likes to have fun.

The house is a bit cleaner now (you can walk through it now) and the floors are semi clean but I'm not gonna go overboard because there's mud everywhere outside. All this old stuff being pulled out is like one giant trip down memory lane which is always a good thing. I remember where I was or who I was with when that particular thing came into my life and it's a real blessing. There are some things that I will never part with....the Pecan Lane mugs that Anita made for me. The peace sign from blog fairy. I would say the saw that Hoss bought me but some asshat stole it. I also realize how much money my ex spent on baseball cards. Good gawd, they're everywhere.

There is a very nice backgammon set that my mom gave us when we played which was forever ago. I should probably take it back up to keep my brain sharp! Nah, I'll just sit here and type while listening to Don Henley.

Peace out ^j^

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