Wednesday, July 17, 2013

right place at the wrong time

Uhhhh. Hey ya'll. It's hump day and I'm ready to coast toward a weekend of (more) work but like my boss I'm just tickled to have a job nowadays. BG loved the early morning run of the presses for our local readers. Since it's part time the possibilities are still under consideration. It's good, honestly, just to HAVE options, ya know? Like everybody else we're scrambling to survive while the Koch brothers and others of their kind frolic from gala to gala with a trophy wife on arm. Just for the record? And not that it matters at all?? "You people" make me physically sick. Tell that to your overpriced shrink.

The war on terror is obviously winding down now that we've run out of money and there's none left to feed the poor people who are about half of us now thanks to the big bankers and their hedge funds. I know several who made a living at home day trading, all on our dime. There's no way in hell I thought that this is what we were headed for. I was already divorced when things really went south and BG was in college so she worked and I worked and she studied and I partied. It was a lot of fun, and I still keep in touch with the old timers.

I have a dear friend whose daughter has steadfastly refused to stay sober enough to hold down a job and raise her children. She blames her mother for anything and everything and is one miserable overgrown spoiled brat. Her sister, on the other hand, is extremely intelligent and has a quiet knowledge that comes from learning to work toward a goal and achieve it. She had a fairy tale wedding in a Scottish castle and makes big bucks as a geologist. The grandchildren are all precious and I've known the entire family all my life.

Mama called for medical advice last night and we talked a little bit too long to suit the man of the house so he started ranting at her and I could just picture him sitting in that recliner turning all red and throwing the remote. She picked the moment that we were on the phone to talk back to his ornery ass and then he proceeded to scream at her not to talk to Janie (because she always cries). Oh.MY.Lord. How about a little prayer on that one too. I can tell things are about to blow and or break.

The whatnot business has slowed since the big viewing last weekend and I have only one day off this week to show. Most of the obvious finds are sold but there's still a lot of quality stuff up in this house on the hill that I could just have my own indoor on going yard sale. Because I hate to sweat and all.

I have a prayer today and that while they usually go unspoken except for me and BE I'm asking ya'll to join me in praying that we will give Trayvon Martin some peace and quit talking about it as if anybody's opinion is right. Life is one big grey area and arguing about politics or religion is absolutely insane. So are automatic firearms when in the hands of insane people.

Google that one!

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