Saturday, July 13, 2013

pickin'and grinnin'

For some reason I woke up before daylight this morning with a bad headache but got up because well, there's stuff to be sold. Business has been brisk this morning with every single person going "wow" at the drive up our hill. It's a dead end so not many sightseers come around anymore. Back in the day Mrs. Thompson and Catherine would drive out now and then to remember when. They ran over one of my dogs when he was a puppy and he rolled and lived to be killed by raccoons later in life. But that's a whole 'nother story.

It's hard work but I'm pleased with the way my house is clearing out so that I can mop the freakin' floors. It's been this way for two years since we started having puppies that weren't "planned"! One lady even wants to take Ryder home with her. Hope hubs will agree to give her a good home. It's a tossup as to which hurts worse, my back or feet but I'm focused and having fun so it's all good. I think a few of these folks would buy the whole dang HOUSE if they could. When I tell them I've been a renter here for 25 years they look at me like I'm in heaven. And believe it or not? I believe I am.
One guy try to talk me out of the peace sign that BF sent me and I told him hell to the naw because that would be bad karma. That was sent to me as a universal symbol of all that's good in this world.

Peace out ^j^

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