Monday, July 15, 2013

the book of me and you

I pulled up to the mailbox today and found nothing from sugardaddy but a hand addressed honest to goodness book in the mail from my friend in Seattle. We wrote it one night when we were totally bored teenagers and taking every opportunity to run around and sow our oats, such as they were at the time. There were a couple of drive through hangouts and a no-alcohol teen dance club started by none other than our future sheriff. The Hut was still serving Mary Lou's BBQ and such. Across the street was the national guard building. Her family's house burned, and not to the ground and they were fortunate enough to be related to a family that owned our first motor motel so they holed up there while everything got cleaned and de-smoked. One of those heirs went on to become a Wendy's tycoon and the Courtland Sq thing is the only post back-to-back flood thing standing. It's sad ya'll.

L's older sister was a mess and got hooked up with this strung out dude named Cluster. That's when she got shipped off to a COC college in Florida. Lisa is, hands down,one of the smartest people I've ever known. We both stayed in TN attending different colleges on opposite ends of the state. She roomed with another D'burg native who went to pharmacy school and married a doctor. Sisa married (of course) a musician who was quite talented but very non-existent as a partner in parenting for their young son. NYC was their next destination. Somehow or another we manage to hook up every time she's here because it costs a shitload of money to fly from Seattle to the closest airport 2 hours away and check on Mom and Pop. She is an actress of tremendous talent and has even done movie work but her true love is the live stage. As Jon Lovitz would say: "It's ACTing!"

Much later she married her current hub and they had a daughter who is just now a tweenager and for the life of me I can't imagine doing that at this point in my life. Lordy ya'll! It's enough just to try to keep my own boat floating. BG had juicy job leads today so let's all hold hands and sing KumBahYAH on that little item. Pray^j^ I'm still hauling things out and rubbing them down with oil soap for future viewing at Poopie's emporium. It's just one of those things that gets in your blood and you realize that if you don't record history and embrace change, it's all for nothing. Think about that Al Sharpton. And shut the hell up puleeez. If the JOD goes after Zim like they did the legally sanctioned pot dealers with Holder at the helm, it should be really interesting.

Carry on! Love ya...mean it.

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