Tuesday, July 23, 2013

like flip flops on a wet floor

Surely it's not just me that has almost busted ass inside some convenience store on the wet tile. I've never gone down in public, but the other day I managed to get to work with something that caused people to ask "Who did you get in a bitch fight with?" As folks move stuff out I'm steady on a mission to get the floors clean and well, it just happened. Really rang my bell too! The bruises are almost gone and the floors are wet again so this time I'm wearing winter socks. There's more than one way to skin a cat.

Work has been busy in spite of the "volumes" being down because hey..we're a 24/7 kind of deal. As I scurry around on the concrete floors that have been my home for 36 years I can feel my bones creaking and muscles saying "slow down bitch your body is officially old. Thank goodness I use my brain and carpal tunnel infested right arm more than my feet. The right foot crunches when I walk barefoot which is probably not a good thing but who can afford to buy new tennis shoes? Not me brother. I took BG some lunch earlier at the sweatshop/print room where she works and was amazed watching all those papers fly out of the machines. She was more than glad to get her sweet tea and chicken sammich.

We've had more storms and a whole bunch of lightning and thunder but just enough rain to get the beans going and allow the irrigation system to rest from the corn. Big Ernie does indeed work in mysterious ways. Now if he'll just allow the politicians to see beyond their noses and understand that the 99% are their job, not lobbyists and airport sex and filibusters. Ya'll know who you are. Oh, and by the way a very happy 40th birthday to Monica Lewinsky who had her moment of fame and has probably already spent the money. It's all downhill from 40 hon.

Meanwhile the royal baby went home from the hospital to much fanfare. I really don't understand the devotion they have to the queen considering their economic standing in the EU, but then again I'm a rebel like that. SHOW me the money, especially if I'm poor or disabled. And God save the queen. Over and out from the lane. I've gotta get some more priceless antiques stuff ready to sell.


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