Friday, July 19, 2013

up river

I noticed the other day where a barnwood framed poster is hanging that I have the freakin' river hanging UPSIDE down. Nobody has ever said a word, just like those days I've gotten dressed in the dark and worn two different earrings looking like either a dork or a trend setter. I bought the print from an old friend who did the art and used it to promote the river. We met one year when he had made an appearance at the local community college with his partner Mike. I did some shuttles for his custom canoe trip business and learned more in that two years than I could have thought possible about the mighty Mississippi. John Ruskey doesn't just paddle. He and the young men in his after school mentoring program actually MAKE them. It's an art, for sure. He would be in the top ten of people who have passion for the earth in my book. Oh, and also my friend Lorna the GMO hater. The runoff from farm and industrial chemicals has poisoned the river so that parts of it aren't even safe except for travel above water. One of my trips was to the "port" of Hickman KY. I was shocked at the poverty that was evident along that river front.

I have yet to find the Nancy Drew books because I hid 'em somewhere safe and now that could be any damn where. Not much stuff has moved this week but people are still looking and pondering. That's how it goes sometimes. If you truly LOVE a piece, you'll snatch it up. But later, after you've considered what else was cool you will be drawn back to Pecan Lane if for no other reason than to see the overlapping trees and dairy barn. And the dogs, of course.

Not much to report on the home front so I'll make it brief and get on with the picking. Basement is pretty much done and attic is almost there as well. If it doesn't all sell soon, I see a big old yard sale coming on!

Peace and love ^j^

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