Sunday, July 21, 2013

over the rainbow

Today was a pleasant repeat of yesterday and after one more shift i'll be off for two unless somebody dies or has emergency surgery. Or both! I have spoken before at length about how I blame Wall street for both of the crashes both during the 80s and much later in 2008. My salary is paid by a corporation because, after all, they're people too or so Mittens said. My friendboss is about to have her 58th birthday much like myself except she's a month OLDER than me. Hope you heal well, dear salsa sister.

Right now I don't know who or what to believe in but I still try because that's my nature. Even if you've got a superstar bad guy standing over there saying "die mothafucka" it's still violence and BE doesn't like that unless he's smoting somebody for idolatry. Here's my theory. Oswald was the fall guy for JKF and Sirhan for his brother Bobby. Ted was drunk at the wrong place and time to drive home. All this went down before MLK got shot on the balcony in Memphis after he led the sanitation strike. His message was never about violence, only love and peace and hope for a better future. James Earl Ray will live with his sins forever yet i doubt he knew better.

I kid you not...a co-worker shared a video with me of her CAT eating corn on the cob. She said the other one will go straight in a row for kernels of the good stuff. Personally, mine prefer meat. It's thundering again what with all this soupy air as the meteorologist folks call it. Typical late July on Pecan Lane. Today is the ten year anniversary of Hurricane Elvis which was a 100mph+ straight line wind that destroyed large parts of Memphis and toppled a lot of dead trees.

I get to sleep in tomorrow and that's a good thing.


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