Sunday, July 14, 2013

dead to the world

I have chosen this to be one in which my duties have been done overtime during the past week so I shall cease to be available except for emergency. Two days of entertaining pickers is fun but exhausting work and I've learned a lot from them. Everybody wants something with a story to it, which is why the glass blocks that I was given from the grocery store went quickly and I had to tuck a couple back for the Hinson family. One guy, unbeknownst to me, runs a second hand shop in town with a partner and he's the one that tried to get my peace sign off the kitchen wall. They're all good about paying up front and getting the stuff later which is okay by me. It ain't going anywhere unless somebody backs up a moving truck and that would be sort of stupid since the local PD meets over at the golf course for head checks. From my back porch you can see the um..maybe 3rd hole? And buddy they line up!

I've picked off several small ticks this weekend before they got settled in and it will be a minor miracle if I don't end of with Lyme disease. Truth be know, I've probably already got it! One of the symptoms is joint pain and inflammation but I've got that anyway with osteoarthritis. Ahhh..the joys of getting old.

We managed to avoid eggs and doughnuts AGAIN today which made me very happy because Cracker Barrel is good and you have leftovers. It's sort of a pain navigating around with the walker but people are mostly nice and hold the doors, sometimes forever. It is the south, you know. Allergy shot given, dr appointment ride lined up and all is well with Charles Osgood on Sunday afternoon thanks to the wonders of DVR.

I have an opinion on the Zimmerman acquittal which would probably surprise most people particularly the one who tried to start a debate over it today. The fact that this is being made "racial" by Martin's fan club when had Zimmerman been convicted would have been "racial" to the Hispanics in our country bothers me a lot. Can't anybody just make it about right and wrong? Seriously?????????????? Old Z better lay low for the rest of his life because there's a whole lot of folks looking to pay him back. His best bet would be to eat some humble pie and not get caught up in the whole gun thing. I can see the conservatives lining up right now to make him a poster boy.

Meanwhile, BG has no job (still,Congress) but we are blessed with all that we need including all the furbabies. And the horse, of course. He was out most of the day while the people were coming and going and we stood to chat under the back shade tree. He's an ornery old ass, that's for sure.

Looks like rain. I'm hoping it will settle the allergens *sniff*


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