Tuesday, July 9, 2013

jihad in a cowboy hat

Like all of you, I was incredibly surprised to find that the government of Pakistan didn't spot OBL scurrying around the compound with a ten gallon hat on to hide from the people who wanted him dead. Obviously they were harboring the evil one and allowing him to have sex with multiple wives and order innocents abroad to be slaughtered. And what did we do? Oh yeah..we poured the entire US treasury into catching him since the Iraqi one couldn't be blamed any more for our fear as a nation after Wall Street walked away free as a bird after robbing the retirement dreams of millions of Americans. And by the way? It happened twice. If I had a dollar for every share of corporate stock sold in the past twenty years I wouldn't need a sugardaddy. Instead I'm selling old furniture in an attempt to keep from being overdrawn.

In a way I understand what the mission of both presidents in this "conflict." O needed to one up Dubya on the capture of bad guys thing and the seals did it for him. Never mind that there are generations of radical Islamists who hate us for our western ways. Some how or another they have managed to picture us as a country rolling in wealth and easy times. Since all they watch is Al Jazeera they don't realize that our economy is in the shitter and most jobs are outsourced to countries with cheap labor. The end product is cheap goods which end up on the dollar store shelf. Meanwhile, the CEOS and whatnot make out like bandits with bonuses for working the shit out of their employees and making them pay for the privilege of having a job.

After work I went grocery shopping and to a meeting and came home to find an old friend and a baby boy at my house, not necessarily in that order. It hit 100 today I do believe all ya'll know how that affects my mood. Think the worst PMS ever and me on a broom. Had to deliver daddy's allergy extract and give him an injection because we're off schedule and that just won't do. He actually greeted me at the door with a smile! BG has a possible job lead if she can learn to cook a steak and if not, we're screwed because the money looks pretty dang bad. I'll let ya know how that looks after the big sale.

Keeping the faith ^j^

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