Thursday, July 11, 2013

second chances

It's been a heavy couple of days emotionally and I'll not dwell on that except to say that I asked BE to intervene on my behalf and he promptly did so in several different ways. Things have been tense around here because of the $$ situation so BG and I had a tearful discussion about it with me telling her that I just couldn't do anymore. In essence, I let it go. I thought about having my health, family, good friends and a great job and considered myself blessed in spite of financial hardship. And I continued to cry as I watched the video tribute to my late cousin Mark. His wife sent it along with a cross and the programs from his funeral a couple of weeks ago. BG and I watched the very emotional testimony of one of her lifelong friends on the day she was baptized, also on video, and we cried some more. She had nowhere to turn and landed in jail without her kids because of a 13 year meth habit. Thanks to the generosity of a local women's shelter she has been able to find not only herself but a loving church home where everybody hugs her and the babies and really? That's all they ever needed.

Anyway, I looked like I had been on a ten day drunk when a picker called and wanted to come out and play. She brought a buddy and I left them alone in the two rooms to sift through and figure out what they liked. They bought every stick of barnwood plus a number of items from inside the house. It wasn't until after they left that I realized how my prayer had been answered by that random act. I had to do my part, mind you, but just when I didn't know how it was all gonna work, I was blessed to not have that worry for a few days. BG is job hunting like a mofo in this shitty ass small town economy which is an exercise in faith most every day that she manages to chase a lead even if it doesn't pan out. And we're not talking anything that will utilize that 25K degree either. I think that lessons in life are often disguised as challenges to faith and that's when the devil comes lurking as in an appearance of mr. snake. Saw his self on the road the other day, and BG said she saw his sister up here in the flower bed. Talk about some karma man!

Anyway, the world still twirls whether the bills get paid or not so it is what it is. It's not like we're not really trying, which can't be said for a lot of people. Please see: Wall Street USA. People who make money by manipulating the economy should be put in Gitmo and hung upside down from the ceiling. I read about some people crossing the desert to Israel who got waylaid by Bedouins who tortured them in an attempt to extract money for ransom. That, my friends, is pure evil.

Not much new on the home front. The grands are stable for the moment and I have a weekend off to relax pimp some more stuff so maybe things are looking up!


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