Wednesday, January 20, 2016

slip slidin' away

The winter storm event consisted of about a half inch of ice which was manageable because it started late night and I left early morning however there was a lot of holding onto things on trips back and forth to the car for pre-warm.  What I would give for a garage, man.  The wipers were still frozen down when I left for work and my maximum speed wasn't over about 20 the whole way.  I discovered later in the day that daddy's UT game umbrella is the perfect walking stick for navigating an icy parking lot.  Multiple times because, well.  You know.

T rolled in late right about the time the ice started falling so he was up there before I left enjoying Mom's much improved but still very confused state.  She knew he was coming but not when which is always a good plan or she'll worry and fret over the arrival time. Babe and I talked last night about their conversation and she gave me guidance on what kind of daughter she would like to have, neither of whom are what she has!  Note to females: Do not ever try to tell your mother what to do.  Especially when she's old(er).  Sweet little Janice and I have had some doozie fights over the past ten years concerning my attempts to control their life.  Alrighty that way.

When I left the sawmill after a meeting I came home to no water and had to haul buckets to flush the toilet.  The dirty clothes are piling up and it's still frozen as I watch the temp climb one degree at a time on my badass phone.  I wonder how high it will have to get to have things flowing again?  Right now we're at 33 so there's that to be thankful for, plus mama's having a good day.  She has been in eldercare purgatory for several years now on her way to glory.  Her fiery do anything spirit is weak but she's still a smartass.  I take that after her, by the way.  Daddy was a SA too.

My brother and I were chatting outside mom's room when a meeting let out and all the leadership types filed out of the conference room and back to their cubicles.  One lone O spotted us and I saw him out of the corner of my eye making a move but then he noticed I was in deep conversation.  This man is the leader of our front life staff and has listened to me more closely in six months than any of the rest of them ever did.  There are good things happening at the local level if the division will just focus on patient satisfaction and community investment rather than profit from diagnostics.  Jesus doesn't like it when you don't take care of the sick.  My other favorite O is the fearless one who always reminds me that she not only means business but she knows that finding solutions takes time and patience and commitment to the processes.  Oh, and money.  I came to know she and John and several others the training right up on that floor where my parents have spent their last days.  That was in June, right before the shit hit my personal fan.

There was a time in my somewhat arrogant view of life that I felt I had all the answers.  I am a crusader for causes that I believe in and don't back down easily from trolls or meanies...I just choose not to engage.  All that does is make the division larger between polar opposites.  I'm more of a Socialistic Democratic Conservative.  That would be SDC for short, y'all.  At this point in my life, I don't want anybody looking to me for answers.  I have a certain set of talents that God gave and use them in a variety of ways.  One of them is being a good listener.  Only then can you empathize with the pain of another.  Everybody needs to tell their stories.

Shit...the temp just dropped back to 30 ~

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