Tuesday, January 19, 2016

five things about today

 Mama is in a quandry with another wrinkle in the geriatric healthcare cycle that is her life.  This eighty something year old warrior has survived two hip surgeries a month apart, plus a spiral femur fracture, broken hand and various other bone breakings and a septic knee from too much cortisone.  Prior to the point when osteoarthritis and porosis conspired to rob her of mobility, she became blind from macular degeneration.  Thus, the bright yellow keyboard on which I blog.  She is in lala land with plenty of pain relief awaiting morning labs to tell the story of her progress.  Heh.  Gotta love it.

  I was so proud of us for not letting the water freeze for two days that Big Ernie smote me by allowing me of my OWN FREE WILL to shut off the running tap last night before I went to bed.  Needless to say I brushed my teeth at work and the tools are in my locker.  Which brings me to how I'll get there tomorrow.  Last time we have a mega!winter!event! Bossfriend's hub picked us all up because he's cool like that on occasion.  Tonight's plan includes a blanket over the driver's side windshield and door so that perhaps we can unthaw at 4AM.  After that, I'll just move into the sawmill with my little bag of stuff.  "It will be fun!" they said.

My Daddy has been around lately with the birds and moon, telling me that it's all in God's plan and that brings me comfort.  Babysister and I talk almost daily about her memories with the Reaves family.  There is little clan of them that has traveled from Memphis for years and once when they did brunch I took pictures and failed to follow up with copies to those involved.  My apologies all the way around.

My youngest brother T is halfway between VA and the 'burg proper and will probably get snowed in just like his familia up there on the farm.  There is a tractor, so there is hope even in three feet of snow.  Bubba and I met up at the end of the lane to debrief after a long day.  Sally the patient one was present, as usual, in the back of his truck.  She's the sweetest dog I've ever EVER known.

BG begins her new job tonight after a hiatus for diagnostic testing which revealed that she has no gallbladder problems whatsoever.  I suggested a nice liver cleanse because it helped me a lot.  Equal amounts of fresh squeezed lemon juice and EVOO.  Lay on your right side, correct Lorna?

Whatever ~

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