Sunday, January 24, 2016

fine china

 My brothers and I met at with KK this morning to make plans for mama's service on Tuesday.  There was the usual business and such but a kindred spirit among us from having had this same scenario recently.  After the guys left we played with pictures and oohed and aahhed over every little memory we found on FB.  Hanging above her desk is a piece of the original Neyland checker board sod that came from my parents place.  One of the insurance policies for government employees that a church member told me about at his service paid later on, just in time to be put into savings for Mom's.  The honeymoon dress is delivered and  flowers on the way. with pallbearers being contacted as we type.

Mo had lunch on the family china ready for us following a whirlwind morning of a Cadi out of anti-freeze and a trip to Kroger for that and cat food prior to the FH.  It's still cold as shit and ice is hanging on the lane, but at least there's no foot of snow like at T's house in VA.  I'm sure the kids are loving every minute of it!  When asked about his departure date by locals he said : "Around May..."  I feel very comforted by the presence of my entire family right now because we are a shrinking clan.  Daddy's only surviving sister remains with us as well and has been a really good friend to all.

I told BG I wanted fried chicken last night because *funeral and she and Lester turned up with a bunch from Popeyes.  No deviled eggs, but I got my chicken.  Leslie and Cash spent the night and played in the snow transferred over to the Cadi for the ride home only to find that there's a busted hose.  I ask you that not our luck?  It's about time to quit putting $$ into the free car.  Chapter next!

Peace ~

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