Monday, January 4, 2016

knowing folks

Even though we're all one big happy corporate medical family, it never hurts to be friends with providers who are in the loop and know you and your mama 'n them.   The one who comes to mind today is one that I met close to 30 years ago in Sunday school.  He was a Lutheran trying to learn the loving ways of Methodism  I can honestly say that I have never seen him treat a patient like anything other than his own family, and he's pissed off a whole lot of corporate types in the process.  He is the draw card for our surgery department as employee's choice.  BG's insurance finally kicked in so she showed up for diagnosis and treatment quite late and got scheduled for the rest of the journey.  The wheels, they turn slowly.  Hida scans can take four hours and it was already 2 when I clocked out and walked past her and that damn short phone charger sitting on the waiting room floor getting back in touch. She's dealing with a whole bunch of external friend type drama that is very painful like when you realize a person you thought loved you is just a user.  Plus there's always the raving maniac Shanana fit.  Lauren actually pulled out her SW diagnosis book to try and name it! Relatives were called and peace was restored without police intervention or serious injury.  I got the biggest tear filled hug just for being me this morning.

Mom is alone for a few hours bug not long.  A new roommate has met her 3 midnight stay and is headed for transitional care, as they say in the business.  Rehab and whatnot.  It's so hot in that room by the window that I can't breathe so I just scooped up dirties and dropped off the clean ones.  She had done therapy twice and was napping peacefully but heard me tiptoe in.  Pure bliss, y'all.  She is almost always on O2 now to keep that little heart from getting too stressed.

Last night and this morning were one continual drudge of trying to rest with body aches and drama and then trying to get through work.  Mama is worried about my health, and frankly so am I.  It's time for some overhauling in all areas including physical activity.  My joints hurt, and that ain't good.  Other than that it's just unicorns and rainbows and Bernie around here.

Carry on ~

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