Friday, January 29, 2016

having a day

This is really the first time I've had to get focused and do things like laundry and dishes because well, you know how it's been.  Got my taxes filed fo' free in spite of all the attempts made to charge me for premium.  I refuse to pay for import when I can still enter it manually.  That money is dedicated to the beach trip which Heather is busily planning.  Yay and yay!  Window guys are off again so it's quiet for a change.  Only people who have lived in the midst of a remodel will understand the value of that silence, right Gigi?

I can't really come up with any political rant at the moment because I'm out of the loop but I have heard that Bernie is kicking ass so that's good.  As for Trump skipping the debate?  Who the hell cares.  He's an idiot and the other candidates deserve to be heard without his smack talk.  There are so damn many of them that one dropping out won't make a big difference!

It feels good to be able to breathe and not worry about the other shoe dropping.  We discussed that again and my work friends even noticed at the FH that I looked 100 times more peaceful.  There are so many people in that hospital that were angels to me and my family that I'm afraid to talk about it but one particular nurse stands out and her name is Lisa T.  She is on night shift and was there with my brother and mother while she was struggling to pass.  Comfort measures were in place and drugs ordered as needed so when Mom started getting into distress with that drowning feeling, my brother went to her for help. Compassionate care.  It's what's up.

Though Mom was buried in the honeymoon suit, I still have her wedding dress, GS uniform and both of their coats from volunteer work at the pink and one red.  I'm using this time today to clean my room so there will at least be a safe haven for me and dogs.  Temps are climbing and it should be 70 by the weekend.  I'll take it.

Onward ~

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  1. I am so looking forward to warmer weather - I need to clean out my garage!!