Friday, January 8, 2016

moving on

Letting go of the past is something that can be so very hard especially when change hasn't been a routine part of life, like in my case.  Same home and same job for decades.  Different friends at times but never an opportunity to spread my wings and be who I'm meant to be like, for realz.  I was just about to get there when this past year came around bringing change after change after everlasting change.  I normally go with the flow pretty easily until it becomes drama of epic proportions and this pretty much qualifies.  To say that I've let go a thousand times lately is an understatement, and there are plenty more times left I feel sure.

I am over a lot of things that used to be an addictive type hook to me like trolls and pity parties.  Unless the gauge is wrong on that propane tank, I'm good for the coming freeze with 60% paid for.  No begging propane guy on the night of the first winter event this year.  Where you see little things, I realize baby steps toward not being a victim .  I got a real nasty phone call yesterday from a collection agency for Northstar Anesthesia which was billed for my RC surgery in 2014.  The total bill was for 2400 bucks, 1200 each for the anesthesiologist and the CRNA who worked the case (somewhat) together.  I didn't wake up and it got fixed but something is really wrong about that type of billing practice which leaves an insured patient with a huge co-pay.  The surgeon's went into BK and I didn't know about this one or it would have too.  Worker's comp denied my claim for benefits because I was honest and told them I fell twice more after the initial tear before seeking treatment. Live and learn and learn.

I have some friends who are out there doing what I'd love to be making a living at so I'm considering a group hug with them on honing my talents and pulling out the post it notes for some brain storming.  Once the house is manageable this will happen in a clean environment.  Hide and watch.

Happy Friday to all y'all and your mama'n'them.  In case you should need healthcare service this weekend, I'll be at the sawmill.  Please stay out of the ER with your drug seeking behavior, umkay?  Everybody has your number, including the police.

Release ~

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