Saturday, January 9, 2016

occupational hazard

One day this week when I was feeling real bad about things in general I reached out to one of the oldest friends I have.  In spite of a busy schedule and lots of drama of her own, she took the time to listen to me cry and remind me that sometimes things just have to be looked at like "well at least....".  She offered some advice on planning ahead knowing that I was already there and that's why I was calling.  We have both made careers of serving families in crisis and I'm sure that she has also had some burnout over the years.  We do what we do how we do it because that's who we are as professionals.  

It's monsoon season again, this time in front of a ginormous cold front.  My household duties have been quite neglected so that I found myself with an uncovered water tank over the well and a hose stuck on like glue with a deep freeze on the way.  I tried but, nah.  The nice neighbor came and got it off today and I shudder to think how he felt walking through my trash pile of a yard.  Everything that gets pitched lands right where it is and the cleanup will commence after home improvement.  I'm excited kids, like REALLY excited.  I've spent many a dreary day up in this house with a single light bulb burning.

Me and the BG ended up at the home right about the same time to kiss Mama and tuck her in for a rainy day nap.  I got about a quarter mile up the road and she called to say her battery was dead so there was a pit stop for gas and back down to "the manor."  Shady Dolla' Gentral is on the way home so I stopped by for garbage bags and bleach only to find that their card readers were down so cash only bitch.  That was right about the time I said fuck it and headed home.

Know when to fold  'em ~

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