Thursday, January 7, 2016

forces of evil

I have a lot of dear friends who are trying to stay afloat in the midst of  lotso' drama and meanness.  I just got caught up with one on the phone about where we are with our respective issues right now because it's hard to find a time to just sit and hear the details.  She and her family have been betrayed by a lot of people they thought were friends in a huge scheme involving land rights and money.  While they have ultimately pulled together closer as a family, it has been hurtful on many levels.   Betrayal by a friend is even worse than random acts by enemies in my experience.  I am humbled by her belief in goodness and ability to look forward which is exactly what I'm learning.

Mom was asleep ( again ) when I went by this morning but she woke up long enough for us to visit a little.  She had a rough night and said the pain is pretty bad from the broken hip.  It's hard to find a comfy position when dealing with that kind of break.  She hadn't touched the breakfast which actually looked pretty good, choosing mini-muffins and juice instead.  We shared a Dr. Pepper and held each other for strength.  The sadness has taken over and she's about to give up.  We had a long chat yesterday about me getting out of the house more and going to the movie with friends or just anything to escape reality.

I failed my friends by not showing up for a funeral service, but I think they know my love and that I have been touched by their loss.  We show our respects in personal ways that aren't always on the register proper.  Looks like BG has a functional gallbladder that still hurts so I'm not sure what's up with all that.  The good doctor will figure it all out.

Don't stop believing ~

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