Sunday, January 31, 2016

cry me a river

There is no worse feeling than to find yourself ready to bust out into heaving sobs and somewhere that it just doesn't fit into the schedule, like at work.  I'll cry now and then at the sawmill, but the one I feel coming on is past due and dying to get out so I reached out to Facebookland for encouragement and indeed, I got it. Now I can let it rip whenever Big Ernie sees fit.   I'm so tired at this point that crying seems like too much effort.  Perhaps I'll howl like the tribal people.  I've often wondered about the Native Americans who lived on this farm way back when, camping under cottonwoods and gazing at the same moon and stars that I still enjoy.

Y'all all know about my political leanings so imagine my surprise when  a shitload of commenters  jumped my ass for daring to express my opinion on the FB page of the TN Democratic party.  It was one of those hateful pieces attacking some GOP perv who was accused of harassment.   My statement was simple and I stand by it: "I don't think that sexual ethics affects a person's ability to govern."  My point is this :  Iowa is buzzing with folks looking to elect a new president.  The great state of Tennessee needs to focus on becoming a more progressive state and not a hotbed for corporate interests like healthcare and big ag.  To throw out something like that when so much is at stake is like the baby and the bathwater.  As a party, focus on getting OUR house in order and running a good race for something....anything!  I, for one, would love to see Stephen Fincher's storefront gone from Dyer county.  Note to self : district map.

Cari is on her way here, the surprise! daughter of Ruth and Harry.  I think Ms. Ruth was 45 plus when she was born and her brother is my age.  He sent me a phone pic of last day of duck season fried 'taters and onions just like Daddy used to make.  The closer we get to the Lenten season, the more I feel surrounded by grace and peace.  And for now, I'll take that with faith.


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