Monday, January 11, 2016

monday miracles

Lerd I was tired headed into this week.  Today's game plan was sawmill for the 4th day then a work meeting followed by a day off of parental medical transport much of which was not scheduled for my convenience.  We've been expecting a survey for some time and guess who showed up this morning bright and early!  Hey girl :)  Love ya.  Mean it.  During 39 years of medical laboratory practice I've spent many a night and day cleaning and writing procedures to be ready for the next round.  That was back when they were scheduled.  The new model is a surprise visit within a window of time during which you damn well better be prepared.  Or unless somebody complains to an agency and there's a reason to investigate.  Ours was just the routine and it was a welcome relief to not be expected to be all present and stuff on my day off.  Delegate y'all.

The doc's appointment was supposed to be at 2 tomorrow which ties up the whole day and puts transfer back to Maple Ridge on Wednesday, a long one for me at the cancer center.  Soooo...when I saw Dr. O in the cafeteria and asked him for first appointment of the day so we can get this lady situated, he was awesomely gracious and gave his office staff a heads up.  Sometimes, it's good to be where you are with your homies.  Like good old Dr. A who just tag teamed with me to get Mama out of the rehab and back to her cute little room.  To hell with a bunch of rehab...this woman needs her chair.

Add to that, the temperature got above freezing today so I was able to go coatless after work and beyond and the heat is throttled back.  So, David Bowie died and that's sad.  I never really got into his music except for a couple of works but he is an icon just as much as Elvis whose b'day was last week.  And he's STILL dead.  Today's uplifting political discussion was about how the Muslim woman who did a silent protest at Trump's fundraiser and how her motives were to insinuate that Trump and his ilk want to kill her because she's ISIS and portrays being persecuted like a Jew.  Bullshit.  The most bone chilling piece that I've read recently was about a group of Morman brothers in Oregon who became fanatical and whatnot and burned through their family chiropractic fortunes before going to prison for the murder of their sister-in-law.  Said God "told them" clearly to kill she and her child.  When religion becomes that literal it's sick and twisted, especially when multiple wives are involved.  I don't care what you do...just leave others alone.  Do.Not.Kill.

So then we got to talking about how gay rights and civil unions are not terribly critical issues at this point in time for conservatives to be dwelling on what with that fat little fuck over in NOK setting off tsunamis.  This guy makes Hitler look like a kindergarten teacher.  Plus there's all that other tension  on the other side of the world including, but not limited to, Syria and Iran. Yemen. Somalia. I'm not worried.  The fall of civilization has happened many times before and good will prevail.

Faith ~

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