Saturday, January 2, 2016

in touch

I have one desktop PC, a laptop a tablet and a smart phone and still find myself drawn back the ten year old Dell because of the large screen and easy to see keyboard.  The others are okay on the fly but this keyboard is where I can see what I'm writing well enough to proofread.  Even then, it's hit and miss.  Everything is moved away from walls and windows for the remodel but I'm determined to keep command central accessible.  I've plugged and unplugged cables for many years just to stay online.  The WIFI I get isn't very fast but it works for what we do here except for that box TV thing which doesn't stream too well.  Of course there hasn't been TV in forever so that and movies is about the only viewing pleasure we have.  I was desperate enough the other night to watch Bridesmaids for the 25th time!.  

I went to the home to see Mama this morning with a bag of clean clothes and found roommate and boyfriend at it bright and early.  This guy actually tried to tell the nurse when she needs her nighttime pill because he's there until 8 and she doesn't seem sleepy.  Lerd.  Mom is looking stronger and coughing up the "almost" pneumonia she had while in the hospital so I figure they'll hit her hard with therapy next week.  She has 30 days covered but is antsy to get back to her own little room.  I brought cherry limeade and Bubba had sausage rolls so breakfast was covered.  Boyfriend took his lady for a stroll up and down the halls and kept peeking in to see if we were gone.  I feel you Mom..I'm over it too.  

The duck hunters were busy again this morning boom boom booming at daylight but I was up so no big deal.  It looks like we dodged the bullet on the flood unless some levees break upstream.  Lorna was telling me the story yesterday about the intentional breaching process involving explosives in the pipes that run through a levee for just that purpose.  When she left the orchard for the Keys in 2011 they were in full force and her stuff got put up high in the house which is the highest elevation in Lake county.  Can you say lowlands????

It's only been two weeks since the latest event but it seems like eternity because the holidays were all up in there and that's a dicey time for healthcare facilities.  People are off and budgets are strict.  My new garbage can is full and parked at the edge of the driveway for pickup.  After a month or two maybe I'll be caught up enough to just pitch a bag in when I pass by.  Sadly, that is not the case at the moment.  I still have a pickup truck LOAD in the back that needs to be moved and here I sit with the epizootie too weak to tackle it. 

One day at a time ~ 

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