Wednesday, January 13, 2016

forward motion

 So, my mother the fierce warrior went in for a risky orthopedic repair yesterday and not only survived but will be pain free from screws and bad knees and such.  When a team of professionals works together to serve a patient well and do no harm, miracles can happen.  Things were kinda' quiet when I got there before daylight so I was privileged to work with others outside of my department and help care for my momma during her transition to surgery. Again.  Unfortunately 82 year old ladies have chalky bones and screws don't work too well when traversing the money making business of rehab.  But, you know.  Shit happens.

Mom left 2N around 9AM and will be spending the night in ICU where the care is what you call top notch and high maint.  My brother and cousin sister and I spent a lot of quality moments today in that room on the surgical floor where our matriarch had spent the night.  This woman of steel had three screws dug into her hip and only took one hit of morphine in 24 hours.  Tell me I didn't learn co-dependency the real way!  I would have given up about a year ago.  Perhaps she did.

I'm not real sure what the whole Navy gone rogue thing is about but stop it now.  Do not piss off the Iranians or give them access to our intelligence.  Donald Trump you are a fucking idiot with too much money.  Niki get 'em girl.  And as always #feelthebern and support InsureTN.  And call your mother for gawd's sake.  I was taking a break out back today and spent some time with my dear friend Jane who told me an amazing story.  Back in the day her co-worker's husband died and there was no $$ for funeral expenses so she and her hubs pitched in 500 bucks.  Jane's brother AND dad recently died so there was a lot of money involved in that deal.  Kathy showed up with a card and a whole bunch of cash for the family.  I love it when that happens.

My friend's mother died today and my heart aches for she and her sister. The roads that we travel with family are sacred and true yet that doesn't always mean exclusive to blood line.  A family can be any group of folks who want peace and harmony.  Yep..that's my hippie self speaking.

Peace ~

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  1. I love your hippie self!! Way to go, Mama! I can't believe she only needed meds once.