Sunday, January 17, 2016

remember who you are

When BG and her friends used to head out in her Memaw's hand me down Camry, I would simply throw out that phrase as they exited.  I knew they would lose themselves out there amongst all the shiny things and adventures of being young.  They did, and on numerous occasions I got phone calls from various law enforcement people telling me about that particular incident.  Most all of it was a product of the DARE program which  was paraded around by law enforcement like a show dog.  Here's a heads up kids:  It didn't work.  Drug use is higher than it has ever been and has expanded from the relatively harmless and very therapeutic cannabis trade to street level dealing of pharm including the notorious  home made meth.

The night they got busted in Shay's apartment while she was out of town was a totally illegal maneuver by an off duty officer who was stalking her.  I wrote the chief about it after consulting with personal legal counsel...and you know who you are.  She still got community service and all that but the cop got fired.  Hey, if you're going to do a job, do it right.  At the Weed and Seed in Southtown is where we met Mr. Littles the traffic guy.  I'm thinking he kind of has issues too!

Mom is still not comfy, or might be now because she got a double dose during PT.  Her belly is full of gas which is a by-product of every thing she's had going on because she hasn't eaten.  She does however drink the hell out of some dr pepper and cherry limeade.  I sat with her chair to chair and told her I loved her and was sorry for her pain.  She kind of lets it out on me I suppose because it feels safe.  What an honor.

Peace ~

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