Sunday, January 10, 2016

icy flashback

Remember back when I had a few bucks and was gonna' buy some door handles for the Camry when it was umm..still warm?  Yeah, well.  That never happened and after retiring early last night I found that the pretty! heavy! snow! had iced my doors shut.  Since I'm not totally unprepared anymore, there was de-icer and my brute strength to push them open.  When I got up it looked harmless but it was colder than shit and of course I'm stumbling around in the dark with no scraper and a 20 pound purse.  I was wearing the seriously cute coat that BG got from Old Navy.  Lots of compliments on that item.

I ran by to see Mama mid-day and she was resting alone.  Her aid came by to report that she didn't last long in either kind of chair because of the pain.  What she needs is her butt in that recliner over at Maple Ridge. We've been around the block a time or two and understand the ins and outs of elder care.  My other work boyfriend is transitioning to hospice with his family and their dad, more than likely in the same room designed for that purpose where my father was.  Oh that it should always be that way, you know?  Peace for the family and the terminally ill.

The snow is pretty, and it is the first of probably many this winter.  The way the seasons are shifting, I wouldn't be surprised to see snow on Easter this year.  It's beautiful on the rolling brown and green hills around me and a lovely backdrop for winter birds of color.  I envision it on Daddy's grave where new grass will grow soon.  Life  with faith is an endless cycle, as much as we try to screw it up sometimes by promoting self-will because it feels normal.  Like..duh.  It's called control.

Baby steps ~

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