Friday, January 22, 2016

not just another snow day

All my teacher friends are celebrating a free day on a Friday which means three days off!  I took my chances on not sleeping at the hospital and made it just fine in spite of the frozen doors and blowing snow.  There was very little ice which is quite helpful.  It only took two pitchers of tap water to get the door open and I prayed the entire time I hauled that I wouldn't fall and tear the repaired shoulder.  I found out earlier in the week that my illegal parking place doesn't do well in winter weather.   The day after, I parked the Camry and returned a couple of hours later to find that it had slid downhill almost into a red Camaro.  Michelle confessed that she bumped my ratty ass car the same way which was nice of her to own up to but you can't hurt it anymore than it already is unless you total it.  I think it would bring me about 1500 that way.  

The one diagnostic that was being used to track mama's progress came in on the bad side today so I found myself signing hospice papers for the second time in five months.  Just remember that when someone takes the time and effort to designate a DPA, responsibility comes along with that notarized signature.  I was secondary to both parents and ended up with decision making tools that my job made possible.  Even at that, it has been painful.  It really makes me sad to know that some folks don't have a clue about their rights when it comes to healthcare.

She knew me and the rest of the fam this morning so we bonded a bit as we passed to and fro through the halls of *one* of my favorite patient care units.  T spent the night on the luxurious lounge chair nearby and BG took his place after working over at the home to make sure everybody got dressed and fed.  I checked in a couple of times and found both of them snoring.  That's what's up kids.  There is no way I could ever name every person who did something kind for me and mine but I try to do it in short stories along the way so I don't forget to write a WOW card.  It just now dawned on me that the guy I saw sitting in the waiting room as I left was none other than Pete the radiology tech that I once had a crush upon.  Leigh had just given me the biggest hug and made things a little less traumatic. I bet her drove her in for the visit.  Small world.

Faith ~

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