Sunday, January 3, 2016

pity party

I'm just having a day if you get my of those where you  want to go out and eat a worm.  The continual crud that resides in my sinuses and chest are due to be checked out and treated.  Like everybody says "it's the weather."  Yeah, and the flu hasn't even hit yet!  That will come later with the ice storm.   Mom got moved into a room with a very nice lady who doesn't have a constantly present boyfriend so she was resting comfortably when I visited, listening to the Second Presbyterian service on TV with her eyes closed.  She roused for a minute and we all got introduced but I can't take the forced heat in that little room so I had to scurry on home.  Mrs. G is going to the place where Mom lives tomorrow so she'll have a new friend when she gets back.  I ran into Doris in the hall and she caught me up on her world at the other wing.  

When I was a kid I watched as NASA unfolded into a series of adventures which were pretty high tech for the times.  My parents were friends with the family of astronaut Don Peterson and Mom even got to attend a liftoff at Cape Canaveral when he was still airborne.  I vividly remember a crew burning to death during a simulation.  After the big one where all those people including the teacher died, things kind of got scaled back and we poured our money into the war machine.  I'm not real sure where that thread came from and, so be it.  I can ramble on my own blog, just saying.  
My brain isn't functioning real well these days due to layers of grief and sadness that require me to put on big girl panties and "chin up" as BG said.  I guess a lot of folks would say that our co-dependency has been a bad thing, but in the end I think we are learning the meaning of truth, justice and accountability.  When you are battered by life, there's nothing like somebody who's been there to validate the feelings.  

Trying to keep it real ~

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