Wednesday, January 27, 2016

homeward bound

Like many boomers I was raised on The Waltons and my mother was an absolute fanatic.  There is an entire album of pictures taken when she and Daddy  traveled to stay with T and get the grand tour of  Schuyler, Hamner's stomping grounds.  During this week's opening of documents, a mysterious envelope appeared  that was addressed as important and confidential.  She and Bubba found it and he held onto it because he's good like that.  When Tommy opened it, there was a copy of this writer's letter to his children about going home.  He was 83 and beginning to suffer with Alzheimer disease and felt the need to share.  He goes through every single place he ever lived and how this or that location or era would not be his final choice as home.   There were fun and interesting times worldwide but he chose the place where his children were raised.  I thought that was a timely read.

The window guys turned their efforts toward the front door today so as not to awaken a sleeping BG.  Several folks stopped by during the morning like Yaya bearing yellow tulips and deviled eggs.  Then came T for our debriefing prior to his hittin' the road back to VA.  It's a loooooong ass drive and not easy by any means what with West Virginia on the route.  There will be funeral food for snacks!  He looks as weary as the rest of us and it's been a tough week all around.  My two married boyfriends whose wives know I'm just one of the guys called to check on me, most recently this morning with James R.  His father and I worked the healthcare industry together for years on end and I miss him still.  We discussed the future and what we want to be when we grow up and the conversation turned to a board.  Hey...I can do that because I took classes.

My bed got moved and fell into the vent (UCMTSU) overnight so I was pretty disoriented when I woke before dawn.  The moon was there though not in my view, but I saw it in the blue skies when I was out for a chicken store run.  Other than that I'm still stepping over shit stuff to load the washer.  Sam got into something very oily yesterday and is still shiny.  I don't have a clue what happened.

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