Sunday, December 27, 2015

on the third day of christmas

My true love gave to me: four more inches of rain!   Monsoon season is in full force and all the rivers are rising, including the Mighty Mississippi into which the Obion and Forked Deer drain.  Muddy water rising, no doubt.  That'll be good for next year's crop.  It's mind boggling how many people have lived on stilts and rode a boat to town which, back in that day was Finley or Lenox except for 1937 when the big one came.

A prospective painter came by today to chat and deliver his bid   His wifey is in New York looking for Christmas snow.  She and tribe Gigi have spent many a happy afternoon at the pool getting drunk and sunburned with me.  That seems like a long time ago, and it was.  Regina is the jewelry queen who made it possible for me to form Team Janice.  She got moved early this morning due to the monsoon leaking on them and we found her right next door getting cleaned up and dressed.  Fox News ( of course ) was on the teevee and it was Bernie and Ben.  I never realized until today just how clueless Carson is.  It's like that sometimes....people who are really smart in science just don't get it.

A co-worker from long ago posted about Obama being a narcissist and I had to chuckle to myself.  The anesthesia team that lived by me were good buddies with him and I remember him coming out once to see about Lisa's horse.  We were on a team together eons ago that was investigating a bad outcome.   Me and Bossfriend showed up for all three  "bad outcome" meetings and I almost got fired for crying and leaving. The entire surgery department was against us because caution was taken when a suspected erroneous result was reported.  Never mind that they all left this poor woman in surgery with one nurse who is probably in rehab right now.  It was ugly and hateful and the surgeon didn't show up until the last one.  It was the absolute worst experience of my 38 year career.  And nobody stood up for us.  We were blamed for the woman's death by this physician because we didn't get his donated RED TAG blood quick enough.

Forward ~

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  1. I am not sure I understand what happened there - but I am sure you are right.