Tuesday, December 29, 2015

bye felicia

Man what a sucky ass year it has been.  Nah..make that two or three!  It's hard to tell when one drama ended and another overlapped.  All these minefields have made me kind of skittish like when you're afraid to go to sleep because WTF is gonna' happen next.  I distinctly remember the day that BG and I traveled to the funeral home to plan her Daddy's service and she told me that we would be taken care of.   It hit me like a ton of bricks as I turned the corner onto Sampson and I bawled like a baby.  I had recently filed a petition for Chapter 13 and was flying on faith that I'd be able to make the payments.  For six months. I held that money tight until life and circumstance led me to spend it on emergencies.  Like when I had to get a new radiator.  And when cars got wrecked and people moved home and parents got transported etc. etc.  And now we're facing a rare winter flood event.  Normally it's in the spring when the snow from northern states melts and feeds into the Mighty Mississippi.  I heard the Meramec is raging like never before over there in MO.

I got a text this morning from an unknown number because...lost contacts.  She wanted to come see "Janice" and asked where she was plus had she heard anything about my dear childhood friend dying.  What???  We did some quick research and found that it was another guy by the same name.  Mama has a really high maintenance roommate at the rehab and they parted ways today because the boyfriend is just too present. A girl can't even get dressed, ya know?    I had planned on taking her in a wheelchair to the orthopedic follow up today but decided against that after talking with PT.  Once again, she will board an ambulance with transport folks who know and love her.  BG is meeting up with them at the office so that I could come home.  I'm still sick with the crud and having migraines now as in low BP, dizziness and sparkly floaty things.  I had an ultrasound of the carotids today to set a baseline for PVD and a chest film or two.  These folks also know me by name and do a good job.

So now the forsythia is blooming and buttercups are up. I'm about to do the math on a beach trip and see if it can happen because Lord knows I need it.  Heather the travel planner is in charge and I'm just out rounding up trip mates.  Destin is the new Gulf Shores in my book.

Later ~

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  1. I have got my fingers and toes crossed for your beach trip - if wishing could make it happen, you'd already be there! xoxoxoxox