Wednesday, December 23, 2015

channeling christmas

My playlist is packed with a short but *happy* selection of holiday tunes to which I sing out loud.  I have the crud again so it's kind of squeaky at the moment.  Tristi called me at 5 with "wakey wakey...eggs and bakey*  I totally wish I had that as my alarm tone and we have enough geeks to figure it out.  Things are, while not slow slow, not nearly as crazy as the past week.  I've begun to notice pre-holiday staffing patterns but since I'm always there, it really doesn't matter.  Gotta' have beer money.  We are under a tornado watch and it's freaking gorgeous out there at the moment.  Global warming is real and the crazy train has already left the station.  It's sad, but it is what it is.  In a world where Donald Trump has a better than average chance of being elected by gun nut right wingers, I shudder to think of the chaos that could follow.  Any candidate who seeks to polarize at this point is not worth my time.  That goes for you RON WILDER.

So Mom is much improved from yesterday and has already been to therapy.  Dr. A went by to check out the meds and whatnot and called me afterward amazed at how good she looks.  She and Ms Novella have on matching PJs and the temperature is ambient.  All is well with the world.  They live together at Maple Ridge so there's that.  I scurried on home to beat the rain but not after stopping by the alternate grocery store because Bubba said Kroger is a madhouse.  All ingredients are purchased for our Christmas brunch on Mama Staff's china.  My brother thought I was a lunatic when I told him about the plates.  Hey...I'm a girl...and I'm Janice's daughter.

Daddy sent me all kinds of birds, many of them black and gathering up front.  The ones that let me know are like that bright red cardinal and the woodpeckers.  He was always easy to buy for with a visit to Pennington's.  I read somewhere today that when you can tell your story without crying, you are healed.  Let's just say I'm not there yet but working on it.

Feliz Navidad ~


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