Monday, December 28, 2015


We all have them and, like it or not, they're nature's way of saying shut down and back off for awhile.  I have become physically ill over the past five years due to exhaustion and stress.  That can only mean one thing....a session with Gay!  MFR is such a simple concept and one is a viable treatment for chronic pain.  Our health insurance is geared toward the more invasive chiropractic kind of care and so Gay does not accept it because there's your overhead.  Her business is simple, one on one and word of mouth.  She has had two studios since  I've been in treatment prior to the RTC surgery last year.  The funniest thing was when she was in with a 4D sonographer called "windows to the world."  UCMTSU.  

It finally quit raining and the sun has peeked out as the temp drops sharply.  We all will feel better after a hard freeze, just saying.  The twisters were horrific and the flooding is dropping roads out from under people.  I remember when I was a kid the bridge over the Hatchie in Tipton county fell in with cars on it at night.  That did, and still does, freak me out.  Imagine driving along in the dark and *boom*.  They don't find you 'til duck season or the kudzu dies.

For the first time in 28 years I have industrial garbage pickup and now I understand Daddy's fascination with the ritual.  Little acts like that kept him occupied in his never ending quest for peace.  He turned the light on whatever ratty ass flag was on the pole at the moment, come rain or shine.  And he walked the yard....often with me oohing and aaahhing over this flower or that.  We've always been big on transplanting from one homeplace to another.  Something tells me I've got a bunch coming.

Gotta take mom to the bone doctor tomorrow for staple removal.  She is 2 weeks out and hanging in there, in spite of that little choking scare.  Next is cardiology in January.  I like this guy because he was not pushy about invasive procedures or extreme treatments.  I mean, she's 82.  So much of healthcare cost is spent on diagnostics in order for doctors to CYA.  Thank you very much Johnny Cochran and Corey B Trotz.  Medical malpractice, while it shouldn't happen, does every day.  Suing providers does nothing except keep the sharks in business.

We had an great political discussion today at work involving me and a conservative and one who really doesn't give a shit anymore.  We touched on Hillary and Bernie and Trump and Bill and I can see her moving further toward the middle.  That's all I ask people....think outside the box.  I got a lot done in 3 days off and my piles are looking much more compact.  There will be before and after pictures, to be sure.

Manifest it ~


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