Thursday, December 24, 2015

joy to the world

Not only has the Lord come, I'm off for a three day Christmas weekend which has never happened in 38 years.  We got to talking at work today about burnout and I'm a poster child with more than one t-shirt.  Every time it happens I cry and whine and try to give up but am forced to put on big girl panties and do it again.  Maybe *this* time will be different, I think.  And it is indeed different when you've been under the leadership of that many Os and their minions, especially the ladder climbers, it's easy to lose faith.  Corporate America is pretty much played out in a strictly investor trickle down kind of deal, and healthcare is right up there the big boys on Wall Street.  It's all about the money.  In between the market and the patient there are tons of little internal rebranding efforts to keep the respective boats and divisions fair and balanced and um, profitable.  That's where ink pen rationing comes into play.

The dogs went nuts this morning when I got up because we all saw something, which I'm assuming was a lone coyote, lurking in the shadows.  They scouted as I pulled out but he was gone into the darkness.  I'll have to google that totem later.   Lorna taught me that little trick and it's brought me a lot of comfort because I feel more in tune with the earth and its' ethereal messages.  BG is out at WallyHell getting Baby Man some toys.  At almost three he is the magical age for believing.  The one thing that helped me to keep going through some very hard times was the delivery of USPS envelope on Christmas eve which I found when I got home from work.  It was probably four? years ago.  Anyway, you know who you are and I don't want to.  Except before I die!

I passed a lot of family looking gatherings on the way through town with lots of cars and hopefully great times with no drunk uncle.  People get nuts during the holidays and  we and law enforcement have to take CARE of you.  If you see somebody with a gun, call the law.  They're always there, just like us.  I watched the recently released audio from last year's shooting in Chicago which was ( mysteriously ) missing when the video was called for.  Now, correct me if I'm wrong: The audio indicates one very stressed out dispatcher begging for somebody to assist with a taser so the cop doesn't have to use lethal force.  Nobody comes. Despite numerous please with a unit within a block of the scene, dude shoots a guy who is running AWAY from him.  Doesn't seem to me like the story changed much.

His family will miss him just like I miss the ones who aren't physically in my life.  Syrian immigrants are missing their tribes as well.  In the course of my life I've heard the phrase used over and over and on pins about keeping Christ in Christmas.  An alternate viewpoint is that the real journey is about to begin because the Christmas tradition now is a far cry from what Jesus would do.  Just my humble opinion.

To all you military peeps keeping the world safe, I salute you and when we gather as a family tomorrow and I say the prayer, I will speak for Daddy on that.  I remember sitting in the floor listening to war stories from he and Mr. Bruce on one 4th of July.  Word of mouth is much more effective than google.

To you and yours, I wish peace and love.  Jesus is kind of a redneck in that he'll run around doing miracles until you piss him off over some sort of injustice and BAM.  Maybe we could sell bracelets with that version.  That's why it's not the reason for the season necessarily, unless you consider what's coming up.

Happy Kwanza~

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